No More Excuses! (Draw Near to God James 4:8)

Have you been making excuses for what you know the Lord wants you to do? I like to listen to podcasts and just a few days ago I heard on one about excuses. Then a couple of days later, I hear another podcast and the same topic comes up – excuses. By this time, I know the Lord is speaking to me about the excuses I have been making. Excuses are not a new thing.

Prayer of Jabez – Are you feeling stretched?

Do you ever feel “stretched?” If you do, it’s possible God is answering your prayer to enlarge your “territory” or as in my case, my intellect and understanding to complete a project. I wrote a book for single mothers and the Lord showed me through the prayer of Jabez just how He was “enlarging my territory.”

Tell Your Story!

When my children were little, I would read them bedtime stories to help them relax and get ready to fall asleep. They would sometimes ask me to keep reading another story or to read the same story again. They loved hearing these bedtime stories.

As adults, we never seem to get tired of hearing stories either. Stories takes on different forms depending on your preference – movies, songs, books, motivational conferences, news reports (the positive and good ones) etc. We love to hear a good story and we all have a story.

And…it’s time to tell your story.

Strong in the Lord and Fitly Framed Together

Friends would say to me, “You’re such a strong woman, you’ll get through this.”  But it wasn’t working to convince me. How could they stand there and say such words when my insides felt like mush, my heart felt broken into a million pieces and my knees were so weak I could barely stand?

They would not be saying these words if they saw how I collapsed in bed, hopelessly crying night after night. How could they possibly think I was strong?

They knew because they served the same God I did and had experienced their own painful struggles. And with the Lord’s help, they too were able to get through them.