Book Reviews

“As a pastor’s wife, I often have to counsel single mothers, but find it difficult to offer practical guidance since I’ve never walked their difficult pathway. What a blessing to discover the book Broken Not Crushed by Veronica Flores to use as a resource. I immediately passed it on to a friend who was going through a rough time. She read it in less than a day, putting it down to cry when she needed to. This book touched her soul; it was so comforting for her to know that others have gone through the same trials and yet come out victorious. My friend has fresh courage and desire to deepen her relationship with God, the One who understands all pain and is always present to help.”

“Wow!! So much pain! This is a helpful and encouraging book for struggling single moms. I was one. I raised 7 boys in an abusive alcoholic home. This book would have been life changing for me. This brave lady was obedient in writing her story and giving such insight for struggling mothers. The struggle is real. This book is very much needed. Thank you Veronica for your obedience. This will help many single moms I’m sure.”

I absolutely love this book and the author’s writing style. I feel her words touch my heart and soul. I can feel her pain and her triumphs throughout her writing. I feel like I’m sitting at the table having coffee with the author and she is telling me the story. Love love the book!!!

‘Broken Not Crushed’ is a very touching book written by woman who has gone through many of life’s trials and tribulations. She give encouragement to the single mother who is struggling. This is a must read for struggling single mothers as well as mature Christians who may just need a little encouraging!”

I wish that I had read this book when I was a single mom of 2. The author was very candid about her struggles. She offers realistic advice and inspiration to other single moms who may be experiencing similar struggles. But she also gives hope that with Gods help. You can come through victorious!!! Very inspirational!!!”

“This book has poured new life into me! I never thought I would be a single mother, but here I am. I have oftentimes felt the weight of doing everything on my own not know if I’m doing somethings right and what God had planned for me. Veronica Flores words has given me some peace of mind. That God has a plan for me and everything one day will be fine. A powerful reminder of where he brought me from and a hope of where he is taking me to. I cried many times reading this book ????. I am thankful for a time to unload my heart to God and the strength I have received to continue with the journey ahead. This is a must read!!! God did it again! Thank you Jesus!”

“From the opening chapter it’s clear that anyone dealing with hurt, loss, and the struggles of everyday life would benefit from reading this book. While the author writes from her experience as a single mother, the principles of seeking God’s healing and developing a closer relationship with Him are clearly shared. The richness of scripture was another plus in this book. As I was reading the author’s story she gave scriptures that spoke to me in my own situations. While I’m not a single mother, this book provided more than just a good read, it provided some powerful insight into seeking God in all things. A great book!”

“Broken Not Crushed chronicles the trials and pain of a single mother, her story of broken relationships and an abusive marriage. Yet God cups her face in his hands and brings redemption to every aspect of her life where she felt crushed and broken. A poignant memoir style of writing blended with sound biblical faith and scripture. You will go on a journey with Flores. I highly recommend this book for women in broken relationships or are struggling as single moms. What is testament to God being a redeemer of all things.”